Mittwoch, 14. November 2012

«HELIOS iPad Document Hub» as new BETA

«HELIOS iPad Document Hub» as new BETA
Tonight i received a mail with the new BETA of the HELIOS-App for iPad and iPhone. I installed it without any problems, the result is usable for every user without any additional training.

I mean:
The combination of «HELIOS WebShare» and the «App», is the highlight for the next future - where else can you sync your company-data with iPads all around the world? And all this with direct data-acces to your own data, without external cloud-solution or hosting-partner. At least, sharing data is very simple: LOGIN - UPLOAD - EXIT - FINISHED! There is no manually handling needed to share data on the iPad/iPhone, it's like copy data to a USB-stick, localy or web-based!

More informations:

Daniel Scheuber, SSE AG, CH-5274 Mettau,,